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Phoenix Flow Systems is proud to announce a new version of MultiCycle AV, DNA Analysis software that runs inside the state of the art list mode analysis software FCS Express developed by De Novo Software.

FCS Express

This version is called MultiCycle AV OCX.

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American Association of Cancer Researcher

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April 15-19, 2010

CYTO 2010

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International Society of Stem Cell Research

San Francisico June 14-17, 2010


negativeAPO-BrdU info page

APO-BrdU, you know the name. Lots of companies sell the kit. We make it for them. A TUNEL assay kit for measuring apoptosis using flow cytometry, image cytometry or IHC. Why does everyone sell this kit? It works well! It's complete with all necessary reagents including positive and negative control cells.The control cells eliminate one important variable in your experiment. Did I stain the cells correctly? There is never a question of , "Are my cell negative because I don't have apoptosis or because I forgot a step in the assay?" We have manufactured and supported this product for more than 14 years. We can answer your tech calls. Need a special configuration for your robot stainer? Call us, we can put it together

MultiCycle info pageMultiCycle AV, DNA analysis software, is another one of our products that has been around for a long time. This was the first product PFS started selling 18 years ago. DNA analysis was also one of the first applications of flow cytometry.

MultiCycle AV OCX Plug-in, is our latest development for cell cycle analysis. Many years ago, PFS used to sell a DOS based program called MultiPlus. This was a pre-Windows complete list mode flow cytometry analysis software package. It did gating, 3-d projections, contour plots, overlays, batch analysis, etc. and cell cycle analysis using the MultiCycle AV modeling engine. Now MultiPlus has returned through the collaboration of De Novo Software and PFS. MultiCycle AV OCX is the MultiCycle AV software modeling engine running seamlessly inside of FCS Express, DeNovo Software's super powerful list mode analysis software.

Of course we still sell the stand alone version of MultiCycle AV for Windows. If you buy a copy of either version of Multicycle AV, we include both versions. MultiCycle AV Standalone. Want to receive a FREE update to MultiCycle AV standalone? Email us with your software serial number and romlock number and we will send you a link to an update.

EZ-BrdU is our cell proliferation measurement kit. It is often desirable to have a means of unequivocally identifying actively proliferating cells and the most straightforward manner for doing this is to some how specifically label newly replicated DNA. Though there are several approaches to accomplishing this, the methods of choice involve some how labeling the nucleotide building blocks that are incorporated during DNA



EZ-BrdU info page

replication. An ingenious method for allowing this has been developed, involving the use of 5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine (BrdU), a thymidine analog. As a thymidine analog, BrdU is preferentially incorporated into newly replicated DNA and can then be subsequently labeled with an anti-BrdU antibody, identifying cells containing such DNA. The EZ-BrdU kit employs this methodology for measuring cell proliferation. It can be used for flow cytometry or fluorescent image cytometry. Our cell proliferation measurement kits have all the reagents that the customer needs to perform the application plus instrument setup guidelines and positive and negative controls to eliminate any question in the staining protocol of the cells (these features are in contrast to products from other manufacturers). In addition, the EZ-BrdU kit is tailored for simultaneously measuring mitosis and intracellular markers such as cyclins. Download a recent publication illustrating this here.

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Cheap Sheath
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